1. It’s been a while since I last blogged. I guess life has just taken over but i’m determined to get back and use this Tumblr again. 

    I recently went to Glasgow to visit my family and we went to the mountains for the weekend. It’s about a 20 minute drive from my cousins house. We all spend the weekend relaxing whilst it was raining down south. 

    It was nice to catch up with my family and use my new camera. I’ll upload a few more pictures later this week. 

  2. After winning the #Creamofthecrop TBWA Award for Digital Strategy David and I were invited to work with them. It was a great insight on how a multi award winning creative advertising company works.

    We worked with the creative director and created adverts for Wilkos and The Manchester Evening News. I worked with my best friend Dave who was a copyrighter and I was the Art Director. We were both incredibly honoured and grateful for having the chance to work with TBWA Manchester and for our work to be pitched directly to their clients. 

  3. This summer I was contracted at Conde Nast Digital UK working in the tablet department. Heres a few screenshots of the June/July issue that I helped design.

    It was amazing living in London and working for some of the most creative magazines in the world. I’m very grateful for the opportunity and the experience opened my eyes to how the publishing industry works both digitally and in print. 

  4.  Students at my university organised a pub quiz with both industry and my tutors. As you can imagine. It turned into a big drunken mess. It was a great opportunity to chat to industry in a laid back atmosphere. I show a couple agencys my portfolio and got some great feedback. Even got offered a placement! But the highlight was having a dance with my lecturors in a club. Had such a good day and made some good mates that night. 

  5. I was lucky enough to secure a place to go to see the D&AD “Digital Revolution” talk in Manchester by an expert panel. It was such a good opportunity to learn and see how technology is changing our lives form their prespective. 

    Heres a quick summary of what the judges were talking about:

    "Google Glasses-  we’ll be surounded by Cyborgs"

    Disney’s gadget that allows you to re-create touch behind objects like glass

    "Pigeons that shit soap- who’s actually in charge of doing this shit"

    "there are people changing the world out there and we should be with them"

    "i’m called Craig and i’m just a fucking designer"

    "We are shit at predicting the future as well"

    "where is my flat on the moon"

    "Change is a good thing- i’, not here to piss all over digital because I can’t handle it"

    "Why do we fucking design digital cameras like that. We used to use film. We don’t any more"

    "A genius is a person who sees potential in other peoples ideas"

  6. David and I submitted for YCN a couple days ago. Just uploading our boards up to tumblr for a review. Could only upload these because tumblr doesn’t let any more than 10 images.

    The Brief:

    Generate excitement about Douwe Egberts coffee, and create a desire for better coffee at home.

    The Solution:

    We found that within younger consumer coffee is no longer associated with the home environment. Instead it is considered a social activity carried out at by coffee houses. Everyone has a specific taste and preference as to how they would prepare their perfect coffee, something that the barista in a standard coffee house could never truly re-create.

    Our solicitation to this brief was to create a strategic, integrate and social campaign by taking iconic ‘House Blend’ coffee from Douwe Egberts and rebranding it as the ‘Home Blend’. Our strap line was simple, Make yourself at home. The double meaning encourages the consumer to make their coffee at home, whilst making themselves at home with regards to comforts they wouldn’t find in the coffee house.

  7. I attended a guest lecture by Mark Hurst yesterday at UCLAN. I was lucky enough to be given a inspiring and motivational talk on how important design and advertising is.

    Marks directed and created the ads for Swift Cover, Wicks, Magnum and many more clients all over the world. He’s won D&AD pencils and gave us some really good advice on how to stand our to agencies.

  8. Coca Cola Guest Lecture: Content 2020

    A while back David and I had the opportunity to go to the Cocacola Content 2020 talk by Jonathan Mildenhall. Mildenhall is the VIP, Global Advertising Strategy and Content Excellence for Cocacola (www.jonathanmidenhall.com)

    He was speaking about Liquid Idea, Storytelling, Futurism  Technology, Social Media, Humanism and his passion for communication. His goal was to educate and inspire the younger generation of marketers and communicators in Manchester. I felt he really did this with this talk. 

  9. The past few days have been pretty productive. Dave’s been staying at mine in Manchester and we’ve managed to get a lot of ideas together!

    A friend came round and asked if we wanted to go along to Nexus Art Cafe and get a bit of work done there. It was nice to get out the flat for a bit and the cafe was definitely an experience. Can honestly say it was the first time i’ve had a giant stuffed rat staring at me whilst drinking tea.

  10. Manchester Digital Talent Day 2013

    I went along to Manchester Town Hall with my creative partner David yesterday to get an insight into the digital design agencies based in Manchester. 

    It was great to chat to the representatives from each company and get an idea of what they produce. We picked up some invaluable advice and will be sure to use it as we develop our creative partnership.

    One project we can’t wait to get started on is the #CreamOfTheCrop brief that TBWA Manchester will be launching on Monday.

    We also spoke to Code Computer Love. We got some great advice from the team and ended up getting a email from the CEO requesting the photos that we had taken from the event.

    Overall the event was a great experience and got us even more excited to get into the design industry!


  11. I’ve been taking a lot of photographs recently of Manchester based type and design. I really love Manchester and theres creativity everywhere you look. 

    I’m going to keep these photos coming soon. 

  12. I took a Visit to see my creative partner David at his university and popped into their illustration class. Saw some really beautiful designs. Pretty inspired 

  15. London for me is a beautiful city. I love it. I went down for the first time when I won the YCN Design awards for Packaging. I like to take a lot of photos on my phone or DSLR. These are a few snaps of my journey in London.